Cell phone hegemony

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China's Path to Global Hegemony: Latest Target Is Syria

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Nirvana Phone

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A Nirvana Phone concept refers to a smartphone that can be docked with external displays and keyboards to create an alternative desktop or laptop computer system. This is not any particular brand of phone or software, rather it defines a new category of mobile device with a capability beyond a conventional smartphone computer.

Hegemony from three countries

[1]. If you live in the United States and walk into a Verizon store, you have essentially four options when it comes to choosing a premium smartphone brand: Apple, Samsung, LG, and Google.

PDF | On Jan 1,S Bergvik and others published Disturbing cell phone behavior - a psychological perspective. Implications for mobile technology in tourism.

The percentage of people who use their phone for only voice communications drops from 14% among new feature phone owners to 3% of smartphone owners.

Cancer Expert Declares Cell Phone and Wireless Radiation as Carcinogenic to Humans

The use of the built-in camera and video capability jumps by almost 20% for both categories, due to the generally better quality and user friendliness of the features. End Hindi Hegemony.

How the Smartphone has Impacted Economic Development

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Cell phone hegemony
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China's Path to Global Hegemony: Latest Target Is Syria