Tending to grace

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tending to grace

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Tending to Grace

He courses to let her go to make school and learn to read. Tending to Grace is written from the point of view of a high school sophomore whose mother leaves for Vegas with the boyfriend, dropping daughter off with an elderly eccentric aunt in the countryside/5(10).

Tending to Grace is written in a simple, direct narrative style. Chapters are not long, and at the end of most chapters is an observation by the narrator that moves the reader through the epiphany that Cornelia finally achieves.

Tending to Grace. Award: Schneider Family Book Award. Year this Award was Won: 2 Old Award Win News Display: Schneider Family Book Award recipients named.

Press release title and URL. In the novel Tending to Grace, the readers learn quite a bit about change from Kimberly Newton Fusco through Cornelia. The author portrays many scenarios where Cornelia has the chance to change and she has to choose whether or not she will.

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Narrator Cornelia, 14, makes a new life with her great-aunt when her mother heads for Las Vegas with “the boyfriend.” Other neglected teenagers would be lucky to end up with such a stalwart, refreshing relative in their hour of need.

Tending to grace
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